Acupuncture needles are placed at specific points on the body. They stimulate the Qi, or energy, along pathways (meridians) within the body. The placement of needles on specific areas of the body help to stimulate, disperse and balance to flow of Qi throughout the body, restoring balance and health. We use only single use, sterile, disposable needles. Acupuncture has been practiced in China for over 3000 years, and is proven as a safe, effective treatment.

Selby Acupuncture

Herbal Medicine

The medicinal benefits of herbs have been known for centuries. Using natural materials, such as bark, roots, leaves and minerals, herbs can strengthen the body and remove toxins. In China, herbal remedies are still the backbone of traditional medicine. Initially herbs were used individually, with each plant or part of the plant used to treat certain ailments. As people came to understand the differences between one person and the next, the need for more personalized treatments developed, and herbal formulas became necessary. By combining different herbs, we can increase the desired effects of the formula, and decrease side effects. All of our herbs are tested for toxins, including heavy metals and pesticides and other contaminants. All herbs are from countries that practice Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which require herbs to meet safety standards before being sold in the United States. Our raw herbs come from Spring Wind Herbs, Inc., well known for their high quality. They scientifically identify them for correct genus, species and plant part. They test herbs for pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. In addition, many of the herbs are organic, and more will be added as they become available.

Herbal Medicine


A glass cup is placed on the skin by suction. This helps to activate the body’s Qi, moving stagnant energy, and removing pathogens.


Warming specific points on the body with an herb (mugwort, or Ai Ye), we are able to help expel cold pathogenic factors, and activate the body’s Qi. Moxibustion is commonly used for cold type diseases, or stagnation.

Electric Stimulation

By using a machine which provides gentle electric stimulation to the acupuncture points, we are able to activate Qi. It is often used for pain or paralysis, and neurological conditions.

Auricular Treatment

Placing acupuncture needles, or small magnetic seeds, on the ear, we can treat the entire body. Auricular treatment is especially good for addiction, mood disorders, and pain.


Tuina is a form of therapeutic massage used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Meaning literally to push or grasp, it can relax the muscles. Tuina is often used for musculoskeletal diseases.



Shiatsu is a form of bodywork rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine combining acupressure and massage.

Shiatsu is used to treat all types of pain, especially neck, back and joint pain. It brings your body into balance improving sleep, digestive, PMS/menopause, and emotional issues.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) bodywork helps return a smooth and even flow of the rhythm and pulse of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). CSF is produced in the brain and flows down the spine to the sacrum where it is pumped back up to the brain.

CranioSacral Therapy benefits your entire central nervous system, it is effective for headaches/migraines, injury recovery, and so much more. It promotes a very deep state of relaxation and is beneficial to the mind, body and soul.


Reflexology truly focuses on your feet. By using pressure on different aspects of the whole foot we can treat the entire body, releasing tension, improving blood flow and relieving stress. It includes the use of direct pressure points on your feet and hands that map to specific organs and areas on your body.

What to Expect

Wear comfortable stretchy clothes to your appointment. We start with a thorough evaluation to look for imbalances in the body. Using this information, we then plan your session to provide the most therapeutic benefit based on your needs. Multiple forms of bodywork may be combined within a single treatment.