ST29, Gui Lai: What’s in a Name?

In the West, we use an international numbering system to name acupuncture points. One of my favorites to use in practice is called the 29th point on the stomach meridian.

Give that Sciatica a Kick with Acupuncture!

Do you experience pain in your low back that streaks down the back of your leg? Is your foot going numb frequently? Does your hip hurt so much that you can’t lie on your side at night?

Did I Fall Asleep, or Was I Meditating? What Makes Acupuncture So Relaxing?

The effect acupuncture has on brainwaves can create a sense of calm, whether you take a nap or not. I hear over and over again when I return to remove needles, “I feel like you have been gone for five minutes. Is it really over yet?”

Grace, Determination, and Acupuncture: A Positive Chemotherapy Story

Some of our most remarkable healing takes place not only by grace of our bodies’ natural capacity to heal itself, but also by our faith and sheer determination to get better no matter what. I was still a fresh intern in the student clinic when one of my oldest friends was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Relief for Migraine Sufferers

Maybe you may have heard others talking about having acupuncture to relieve their migraines. Have you ever wondered just how it works?

Groundbreaking Research in Acupuncture and Brain Imaging

Two researchers at Bastyr University in Washington are doing exciting work: Dr. Kathleen Lumiere and Dr. Leanna Standish are figuring out ways to study electroacupuncture with functional MRIs. 

Relieve Nausea & Anxiety with PC6

One of the most commonly used points in our practice is PC6. Also known as Pericardium 6 or P-6, its Chinese name is Neiguan, which translates as “Inner Pass.”

Bone Broth: Once an Old Remedy, Now a Hip New Drink

Winter is considered the time of year that reflects the Kidney energy. It is a time of going deep, into darkness, and resting.

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