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Your Introduction to Prebiotics

I usually write about acupuncture, but I want to tell you about something, some research I’m very excited about. I am sure you have heard about the health benefits of a healthy microbiome, which is a term encompassing the healthy bacteria that live in our guts.

Molly’s Rates, Summer Schedules, and a Puzzle Adventure!

We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful, sunny, warm summer so far! Here are a few things we wanted to bring to your attention.

Seaweeds: So Good for You

Seaweeds are an amazing group of plants with many health benefits. As they grow, they concentrate minerals directly from the ocean water, making them excellent sources of much-needed and often depleted trace minerals.

Summer Vegetable Soup

This soup marries the flavors of summer’s best vegetables, and because cooked vegetables are easier to digest, is excellent for those with compromised digestive systems.