About Brian

Dr. Brian Grosam

Acupuncturist, PhD, LAc, FABORM

Dr. Brian Grosam began his journey into Chinese medicine following the lead of his wife Pamela, an expert in Shiatsu Anma Therapy and Tuina for over 25 years. During the early years, Pamela transformed their family’s lifestyle and health by implementing concepts and modifications based on wellness. Brian was intrigued and began to research Chinese medicine. Interest rapidly became enthusiasm and he enrolled in the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) in Minnesota.

Dr. Grosam found he has a natural affinity for acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Upon completion of his Master’s degree in Chinese medicine in 2005, he realized that the more he learned, the more he wanted to know. It became clear that if he was committed to his studies, he needed to pursue his PhD in China. Pamela, being an adventurist soul, agreed, so they packed up their belongings, sold their house and cars, and moved with their two young sons to China.

They lived and worked in Jinan, China, for nearly three years. As a family, these were some of the most difficult and most rewarding experiences of their lives. Dr. Grosam worked in the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SDUTCM) teaching hospital during the daytime and attended Chinese language classes at night. The hospital was like a busy beehive in which he studied and practiced acupuncture, gynecology, and neurology. China was magical and the family bonded through the experience. They studied and worked hard, but also made time to travel and visited many historical sites in China.

Dr. Grosam earned his PhD in Acupuncture in 2009. His dissertation was on the effects of acupuncture treatment of menopausal symptoms. Returning to Minnesota, he became a professor at AAAOM where he taught acupuncture for five years. Along with his teaching, Pamela and Brian opened the Sun Acupuncture – acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic in 2010. In the intervening years he has honed his skills, including treating many women experiencing difficult menopausal transition symptoms, especially hot flashes.

Dr. Brian Grosam is the author of “Understanding and Treating Hot Flashes in Menopause with Chinese Medicine” the first book in history to be written on the subject. His book combines Chinese medicine concepts with current Western medicine frameworks of science for a contemporary treatment approach to hot flashes. Dr. Brian Grosam has written several articles, lectured at medical symposiums, and has taught online continuing education courses on a range of subjects including hot flashes and menopausal transition.

Dr. Grosam has written several articles and has lectured on hot flashes and menopausal transition at Western and Chinese medicine symposiums and teaches online continuing education on a range of subjects.

Dr. Brian Grosam is a member of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, a Diplomate of Chinese Medicine from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and a member of the North American Menopause Society.