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The Benefits of a Positive Outlook

I was listening recently to a radio interview of Collette Maze, a French pianist who just turned 107 years old and has released her 6th album, recording it in her home in Paris. She came across as a delightful, charming woman, full of life and brimming with humor and positivity. She had obviously figured out the secret to long life and happiness at a young age. How did she do it? It seems she focused on something that brought her joy, remaining optimistic and hopeful throughout an often-difficult life, to achieve what she deemed successful, and she’s still happy playing the piano.

To get through a childhood with a “severe and unloving” mother, she turned to the piano and composers like Schumann and Debussy to provide her tenderness. When she couldn’t reach the status of a professional due to lack of family support, she turned to teaching, and continued to focus on the music she loved. She overcame the isolation of being a single mother, remained dedicated to growing as an artist, and her optimism and resilience prevailed. Read More

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Set the Table for Health This Fall

This time of year is rich in transitions: the kids go back to school, temperatures fluctuate between hot and chilly, easy summer livin’ gives way to more structured schedules. Change can be hard and stressful, and leave our immune systems vulnerable. Taking a moment to review the basics of health will help you stay strong and resilient.

I love the image of health as a table. The four legs of the table are the four pillars of health, and if any of them are too short, too long, or missing, the table—your health—gets wobbly. No single pillar takes priority over another; all the legs of the table are equally important. It’s all about balance. 🌊🏄 Read More

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Yin, Yang, and You

How can we live most appropriately to optimize our bodies and daily living? A simple way of answering that is to incorporate Yin and Yang Theory into our daily structure. First we should define what Yin and Yang represent.

Yin and Yang are concepts and they are functions. They are the duality we constantly find ourselves in. Theory teaches us that we can find all things divisible into Yin and Yang. Yin, in this duality, is the polar opposite of yang, yet it is inseparable from it. They are in a dynamic relationship with one another. Yin and Yang can be transmuted into one another. Yin of course, are things like; female, dark, rest, nourishment, and quiet. Yang corresponds with things like; male, light, action, energy, movement, and loud. Neither can exist without the other. 

As a human-being, we are more often consuming our Yin and Yang energy than building it. That is why, eventually, we all die! But don’t despair, while we are here, Ying Yang Theory teaches us that the more we live in balance with these forces the better and possibly the longer our lives will be. 

While this principle of duality is as simple as it Read More

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Summer in Minnesota is a great time to practice Earthing. Earthing (also known as grounding) involves direct physical contact with the earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping outdoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the energy from the ground into the body. Read More

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