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November 27th – December 3rd is Patient Appreciation Week at Selby Acupuncture

We have been in practice since 2007, and it is our sweet 16th!  To celebrate our clinic wants to show our gratitude to you. Being able to help, support, and witness your healing is the greatest honor.  It is the reason we all do the work we do, and we couldn’t do it without you!  Thank you for trusting us to care for you and your loved ones, and allowing us to support you on your healing journey.

Here are a few ways we are celebrating Patient Appreciation Month this year:

  • Thank You Gifts: The week of November 27th we will have thank you gifts and samples available to all patients while supplies last.  What stone will it be this year???  Do you like chocolates?? Want to try some herbal tea blends we have been cooking up???
  • Drawing for a Gift Basket:  Come on in and we will enter you into a drawing where one lucky patient will win a gift basket full of healthy goodies.  It really is a good one this year, you definitely want in on this!

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Zombie watch and Moving with the Seasons… October Clinic News

Selby Team Outing – Zombie Watch

We like one another here at Selby, and getting a chance to get out of the clinic and have some fun a few times a year is one of our priorities (fun is good for you!). Our most recent adventure was something we have never tried before. You may have seen through our social media posts that we had a great team event at Sandbox VR in September. While the posts show us looking a bit like fools, playing a group VR game together was a blast. Literally.

We are happy to report, at this point it appears that we have cleared out all of the zombies and monsters so you can have a safe October!

Moving with the seasons……

Like our bodies, our world and our lives are fluid and ever changing. As we move into the next season, we are all dealing with a variety of challenges, back to school, cold and flu season, unseasonable warmth (so nice to be outside, but lots of people are feeling off with the weather) and smoke filled air just to name a few.
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September Clinic News

Introducing our Online Store!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new online store! Need some supplements? Want to purchase a gift certificate or treatment package? We’ve been working hard to create a user-friendly experience that makes it easy for you to find and purchase the products you love.

We offer a variety of payment methods to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible.

  • Access the store through the link on the front page of our website Here.

We hope you’ll visit the store and check out all the great products we have to offer. Look for more exciting items in the future as we work to expand our store offerings.

Fall Stress Relief Package Special

Stress affects us all.  Does it interrupt your sleep?  Affect your mood?  Has it changed your hormonal balance?  Do you experience fatigue or get cranky?

We all know that stress can wreak havoc on our health.  And it is no secret that the last few years has been difficult, for many different reasons.  Stress has negative impacts on the immune system, aging, mood, inflammation, and pain.

We can help. Acupuncture has been well researched to help the body with stress.  Not Read More

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August Clinic News

It’s that time of year again…..Road Construction!

It seems like everything is torn up including our Selby Ave. Please follow the signs as things may change up a bit and allow a few extra minutes to get to your appointment. Better yet, allow time to get here early to relax and de-stress with a cup of tea!

The work being done near our parking lot entrance is creating the infrastructure for the new Metro Transit B Line limited stop bus route and from what we understand that work in our area should be wrapping up in the next couple weeks. Click the link for more information.

Curious about 5 Element Theory?

We hope you are enjoining Julie’s multi-part series explaining the principles of the TCM 5 Element theory! We are often asked about this since it is one of the guiding principles of Chinese Medicine. Every month Julie will continue to write a high-level explanation of each of the elements and if there is enough interest she may conduct some classes in the future to do a deeper dive into this fascinating subject. This month she is discussing the Fire Element. Read More

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