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Clinic News – Meet the Team – New Provider and More!

Meet the Team:
Get to know Kathy Schoenberger

  • SA: What brought you to a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine?
    • KS: I was seeking a career change that would allow me to help people, which I find personally rewarding. I turned to holistic medicine to deal with some of my own health issues, discovered Chinese Medicine along the way and knew it was something I wanted to practice.
  • SA: What do you like most about being an Acupuncturist?
    • KS: What I like most about being an Acupuncturist is really connecting with patients, getting to know them as individuals, discovering what will most improve their health within TCM and benefiting from their experiences and wisdom.
  • SA: When you’re not working what brings you joy?
    • KS: What brings me joy is being outside in nature. I love to hike somewhere surrounded by trees, or bike on a trail alongside a river or lake.
  • SA: If you could do anything you wanted tomorrow without limitations, what would that be?
    • KS: If I had no limitations I’d love to do some extended traveling. I’ve always wanted to see Croatia and Slovenia and get back to Greece!
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Clinic News – Education Series – Meet the Team – New Provider and more!

Our Lunchtime Educational series continues On June 10th.

This month’s talk will be “A Journey Through the Soul According to Chinese Medicine!

Join Molly to learn about the five types of souls or spirits according to the tradition of Chinese medicine.   Have you ever heard the terms the Hun and the Po?  Curious about the idea the heavenly spirit joining with the earthly spirit to create conception?  Want a new perspective on willpower and thinking?  Molly will introduce you to these concepts and more.  This rich tradition offers us another way to understand and look at who we are in our world.  We promise, this is going to be a super interesting and fun talk!

Meet the Team, Get to know Joanna Willis
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Clinic News, Meet the Team and More

Our Lunchtime Educational series continues this Thursday.

What is a normal period?  Should you have PMS?  How many days is normal to bleed?  When do you ovulate?  How can you treat your PMS at home?

  • Our next talk, Understanding your Period will be May 6th at 12:00: The talk will last about 20-30 minutes with lots of time for questions and discussion.  Most women are taught so little about their cycles and just put it all under the umbrella of ‘hormones’.  We want to empower you to understand it and learn how to work with your cycle.  Chinese Medicine has a lot to say about your period, come to our talk and learn more.
  • The talk is free to everyone, tell your bestie, your mom, your daughter, your aunt, and anyone else you may know who would benefit.  Just go online and  Register Here
  • Have a burning desire to learn more about something your acupuncturist talked about during your visit?  Reach out, let us know, and we can make sure to include the topic in our series!

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We’re Here to Help

Spring is here in full force.  Leaves are popping, spring flowers are blooming, and warmth and life has returned to our part of the world.   We are here to help with whatever ails you so you can get out and enjoy all that springtime has to offer!  Here are a few resources and suggestions to guide you on your way.

  • Lunchtime talks: We had a great time sharing our lunchtime talk on Food As Medicine. Thanks to everyone who joined us! Watch for continued information on our Lunchtime Educational series. Periodically one of our specialists will host a 30-minute educational, noontime talk. Future talks will be posted under online classes on our website.
    • Our next talk will be May 6th at 12:00: The topic will be Understanding Your Period: Learn what Chinese Medicine has to say about your menstrual cycles
      What does the color of your menstrual blood tell you? Why do some women have more PMS symptoms than others? Join us to learn how to understand your period from a Chinese medicine perspective. Register Here
    • Do you wonder what those Five Elements really are all about?  Curious to know what about how Herbal medicine works?  Have a
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