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What’s to Come in the Year of the Water Rabbit?

Okay everyone, it’s safe to come out now….

With the approach of the year of the water rabbit, I can’t help but reflect about the past few Chinese zodiac years and honestly breathe a huge sigh of relief. 2020 was the year of the metal rat, and being the first animal in the zodiac sequence, it ushers in times of change. Obviously, a lot changed that year. 2021 brought the year of the metal ox, which was characterized by a year of hard work. We are now exiting the year of the water tiger, which has been all about fast changes and unexpected events. I know my year, and the year of those close to me has been littered with lots of that. At the end of three years of extraordinary change and movement, it’s hard sometimes not to feel like you’ve somehow stumbled into a boxing match without realizing it. Read More

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Individualize Acupuncture Before and After a Frozen Embryo Transfer results in a 55% increase in Live Birth Rates.

Exciting new research results!

While acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment for fertility procedures such as IUI, IVF or embryo transfers has been well researched in the past, we are excited to share a new recent abstract published in the October 2022 edition of Fertility and Sterility that has us all very excited!  The authors looked at patients undergoing frozen embryo transfer who added in acupuncture before and after the procedure against those who did not include acupuncture.   Results showed a 55% increase in live births compared to the no acupuncture group, and a 42% reduction in biochemical pregnancies compared to FET alone.   Wow. Read More

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Calm your mind, strengthen your digestion

Shiatsu Massage & Breath Work for Mild Digestive Issues

Are you a worrier? Do you over-think things and find yourself constantly “in your head”?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘rest and digest’?  When your mind is overthinking, your body is not able to digest as easily, and you may notice changes in your appetite, cravings, bloating or gurgling. By practicing some self-Shiatsu Massage techniques and breath work, you can teach your nervous system to relax, calm and rest, helping both your mind, and your tummy Read More

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Yu Ping Feng San: An Herbal Formula for Fall

Just like that, fall is in the air. The changing leaves, the good sleeping weather, pumpkin spiced everything. These are all signs that we’ve turned the seasonal corner. Fall can be a truly magical time of year, but since it’s also the start of cold and flu season, having a few herbal formulas in our back pocket to keep our immune systems in tip top shape can help us feel good all season long. Let’s talk about one of my favorites: Yu Ping Feng San.

Chinese herbal formulas have beautiful names that can either describe what it does, what’s in it, or perhaps some other historical tidbit. Yu Ping Feng San translates into ‘Jade Screen Powder’ or sometimes ‘Jade Wind Screen Powder’. It describes the way that the formula acts like a screen, keeping out the wind outside that brings in the things that cause us to cough, sniffle, or generally just not feel good. Read More

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