The Water Element

Who cares anyway, nothing matters, and life is a mystery, let’s just sit back and see what happens.

  • I am content.
  • I accept what is.
  • Others think that I am lonely, but I like to be alone.
  • I am self-contained, often people don’t know what I am thinking.
  • I embrace the mystery of life and am interested more in wisdom than knowledge.
  • Sometimes I can be a bit self-critical
  • I can be afraid of the outside world, but I am not afraid of my internal world.
  • People can think I am indifferent.
  • I feel cold easily.
  • I tend to struggle with commitment and discipline (because really, who cares)


Characteristics of a Water Person

What is the perfect example of a Water type person?  Babies and the elderly.

This is something my teacher has said repeatedly, and thinking about it, the water type comes true.  Why?  They just don’t care.  They go with the flow and accept what life brings them.

Physically water types tend to have round eyes, round faces, and round bodies.

Water is the origin of all life, it is the mystery, and as often happens, mystery can be dark, full of wonder, or full of fear.  It is difficult to be Water when in the other phases of life because we need to grow and achieve (wood), create (fire), support (earth) and create clarity (metal).  If we lived our lives as only water, we really wouldn’t do much at all.  But there are those of us who carry this constitutional tendency, and while it doesn’t take the main stage during most of your life, it can remain a present influence.

What Nourishes Water, What Drains Metal, and How to Keep Water in Balance

Water follows Metal in the 5 Element sequence and comes right before Wood.  The saying goes, Metal is the mother of Water, and Water is the Mother of Wood.

The organization, clarity, and structure that Metal brings can help to support the nonchalance of Water energy.  And the relaxed ‘it just doesn’t matter’ Water energy can help to support the achieving, goal-oriented Wood.

It is after things feel ordered, cleared out, and released that we can fully let go and relax.  It is in times of stillness, rest and reflection that we often get our next ideas or goals.   

For the unmotivated, self-critical, soggy Water (Water out of balance)
  • Organize your space and organize your routine (or find your friend who is really good at it, and get some help). This builds up the metal element, which can nuture your Water
  • Take time to reflect on things you have achieved.
  • Seek out wisdom, spend time in meditation or journaling. Listen to podcasts of those wisdom teachers (Eckert Tolle anyone??).
  • Get to know and develop your intuition.
  • Set a goal and celebrate when you have achieved it. These can be small (I am going to get out of my pajamas by 9am today), or big (I am going to finally sign up for that marathon).
  • Spend time with people, getting yourself and your energy moving and interacting will help the muddy soggy Water go back into flow.
  • Travel to see water, or spend time in water.
  • Get enough sleep, embrace the dark and cold season that is upon us.


Water is one phase that almost all of us will experience in our lifetimes.  It is magical, quiet, and considered the birthplace of all life.  It can be dark and cold, but that is true of most mysteries.  If this resonates with you, and you are looking to learn more, reach out to us at Selby. We have loads of resources and ideas.

Happy Winter Season everyone.  And, as always, reach out to the team here at Selby if you are looking for support.