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Ask the Acupuncturist – Julie McCormick, L.Ac.

Thursday April 7th, 2022
12 – 1pm

Have you googled ‘how does acupuncture work?’ because you just can’t believe that these little needles could give such great results? Do you have friend who you think could benefit from treatment, but they still aren’t sure if this is right for them?

Join us on Thursday April 7th for our ‘Ask the Acupuncturist’ online open discussion. We will have Julie McCormick, acupuncturist and founder of Selby Acupuncture available to talk Chinese medicine and answer your burning questions. Julie works primarily in women’s health, whether for infertility, issues around menstruation or working with menopausal issues, along with treating painful conditions and optimizing wellness. She has years of experience and offers simple ways to understand the complexities of Chinese Medicine.

Julie will introduce you to the structural concepts of Chinese Medicine, and then open the floor up to questions and discussions. As Julie has said ‘I could talk about this all day’, so make sure to show up and pick her brain. She is excited to spend time with you! Read More

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Catch the Spirit! A journey through the soul according to Chinese Medicine

five candles

Missed our talk?  It is available on demand through this link.

Catch the Spirit Recording

Thursday June 10th:
12:30 – 1 pm CST

Join Molly to learn about the five types of souls or spirits according to the tradition of Chinese medicine.   Have you ever heard the terms the Hun and the Po?  Curious about the idea the heavenly spirit joining with the earthly spirit to create conception?  Want a new perspective on willpower and thinking?  Molly will introduce you to these concepts and more.  This rich tradition offers us another way to understand and look at who we are in our world.  We promise, this is going to be a super interesting and fun talk! Read More

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Understanding Your Period: Learn what Chinese Medicine has to say about your menstrual cycle

Did you miss the talk?  It is available on demand through this link
Understanding Your Period Talk Recording

Thursday May 6th, 2021
12 -12:30pm CST  Free
On – demand!

What does the color of your menstrual blood tell you? Why do some women have more PMS symptoms than others?  Join our 30 minute lunchtime talk series to learn more about how to understand your period from a Chinese medicine perspective. Read More

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