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Fall Acupuncture Package Special!

Are you ready to reemerge and feel your best for the new season?

Purchase a package of 6 or 12 acupuncture sessions between Sept 1st through Sept 21st to lock in current rates*, and receive gifts, bonuses and discounts that will further support your body, mind and spirit.

Collaborating with some amazing wellness partners, we have pulled together offers to help support you as we all recover from all the effects of pandemic stress and the changes and challenges we have collectively experienced.

Gifts, offers and bonuses include

Free Herbal Soup mix:  This stuff is amazing, full of herbs to help build Qi and Blood, this nourishing soup is a great way to recover if you are feeling tired or worn out.  Great for those who are recovering from surgery, post-partum, or those who feel that they have given away more of their energy than they had to give.

Two weeks of Customized Herbal Formulas:  Did you know that we have over 200 different individual herbs and formulas in our pharmacy?  Using natural materials, such as bark, roots, leaves, and minerals, herbs have been used for centuries to strengthen the body and remove toxins. Initially herbs were used Read More

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Self Care After a Tough Workout

Looking for body help after a tough workout? Try adding a Sauna to your routine!

Sauna Benefits

Sauna isn’t just a way to keep the snow out of your bones. Heat is a therapy that cultures world wide have used for millennia- from the sweat lodges of the Native Americans to the classic Swedish sauna. It’s filled with benefits related to detoxification, cardiovascular health, metabolism, and a host of others. 

Conventional Sauna uses steam and ranges from 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature seems to be about 175 degrees. Infrared sauna works at a lower temperature to warm you more directly around using infrared radiation around 140 degrees. Most studies have been done using traditional steam sauna but there is good evidence emerging that infrared carries many of the same benefits. The predominant studies on sauna use are out of Finland and are observational studies. This is important to note arise other factors such as lifestyle and diet could also impact study results.  Read More

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Announcing the Patient Portal

Annoyed that you can’t see all your scheduled appointments in one place?  Wish you could access your account details easily?  We are too.  Consider this just some of the perks to the upcoming Patient Portal.  Launching July 13th:

We are so excited to share our new patient portal with you. Now, booking and managing your appointments with us will be easier than ever. Once you create a patient portal account you will simply log in to book, view, edit and manage your appointments. All of your information will be in one place so no need to worry about searching through emails to complete any outstanding forms or verify appointment details. Update your personal information, save your credit card information and more all within your account.

Patient Portal FAQ:

What does the question “Have you been to any of our clinics before” when booking an appointment mean?

Update PP

This question is asking if you have received treatment in any of our clinic locations before.

  • Choose: Yes if you are a current or past patient that we have seen within the last year at one of the clinics and a list of available services will populate.
  • Choose: No if you have never been
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Improve Skin Health with an At Home Facial Massage

When I was in graduate school studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, my friend who grew up in Vietnam, went home for a visit and brought me back a beautiful jade Gua Sha tool. I learned that when my friend was a little girl, she would get a Gua Sha treatment on her neck with a similar type of tool whenever she got sick with a fever. Her grandmother would feel her forehead, look at her tongue, and then forcefully scrape the back of her neck until dark red spots appeared on the skin. Read More

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