A Point for Spring -Spleen 6

We often like to share acupuncture points with you because it gives you the opportunity to try it at home.  Using acupressure, you can find these points and stimulate them with finger pressure to relieve various symptoms and pain.  Try using acupressure on Spleen 6 today.

Located on the inside of the leg, about 3 inches about the ankle bone (medial maleolus) this point is an effective point in regulating the menstrual cycle and achieving pregnancy. Spleen 6 is the meeting point of three meridians (Spleen, Liver and Kidney) and is an essential point for tonifying yin and qi. We often combine spleen 6 with points on the lower abdomen to help initial ovulation in women coming in for fertility.  Spleen 6 is a point on the earth meridian, therefore it is a very stabilizing point and can also be used to treat mood disorders.