Acupuncture Legislation, Our Schedule, and February’s Staff Outing

Acupuncture in the Legislature

With the current Minnesota legislative session in full swing, one topic we hear discussed quite a bit is health care. One bill currently proposed will require that all health plans cover acupuncture (House bill # HF 1264, Senate bill # SF1309). While it is difficult to say how likely it is that this bill will be passed, it is encouraging to see some of our representatives recognizing the benefits of acupuncture and the necessity of making it more widely accessible through our health insurance.

Have you struggled with a health condition and were able to find relief only through acupuncture? Did your insurance plan cover your treatments or were you forced to pay out-of-pocket? There is no better time than now to contact your elected officials and tell them how acupuncture has affected your quality of life, and how important it is that your insurance plan include acupuncture benefits. The more compelling your story, the better. How are they to know what your needs are if they do not hear from you?

Visit the Minnesota Legislature bills page to get more information about these proposed bills and to find out how to contact your elected officials. You have a voice — make it heard!


Upcoming Limited Availability & Closed Dates

During the week of Monday, April 27th through Sunday, May 3rd, Julie and Kennedy will be attending the Integrative Fertility Symposium in beautiful Vancouver, where they will immerse themselves in the latest in treating reproductive health issues. There will still be some acupuncture openings that week, but they may fill up, so book ahead! Lori will continue her regular shiatsu schedule.

And as always, our office will be closed on Memorial Day, which this year is Monday, May 25th.

To guarantee a spot, book ahead by giving us a call at 651-224-6678 or scheduling online.


Staff Outing

At our most recent staff outing, we felt it most appropriate to say farewell to Sara Gillet by surprising her with a private aerial arts class! We spent an exciting (and sometimes dizzying) hour at Xelias learning how to maneuver the trapeze, ropes, and silks. Special thanks to Jim, our instructor, for the extremely informative and entertaining class. We had a fantastic time!