August Clinic News

It’s that time of year again…..Road Construction!

It seems like everything is torn up including our Selby Ave. Please follow the signs as things may change up a bit and allow a few extra minutes to get to your appointment. Better yet, allow time to get here early to relax and de-stress with a cup of tea!

The work being done near our parking lot entrance is creating the infrastructure for the new Metro Transit B Line limited stop bus route and from what we understand that work in our area should be wrapping up in the next couple weeks. Click the link for more information.

Curious about 5 Element Theory?

We hope you are enjoining Julie’s multi-part series explaining the principles of the TCM 5 Element theory! We are often asked about this since it is one of the guiding principles of Chinese Medicine. Every month Julie will continue to write a high-level explanation of each of the elements and if there is enough interest she may conduct some classes in the future to do a deeper dive into this fascinating subject. This month she is discussing the Fire Element.