Can we have a re-do? And really, there is something more?

Open House 2.0 – Free Acupuncture at our Edina location!

Can We Have a Re-Do?
Do you like Free Acupuncture?

Edina Clinic Open House – Thursday April 28th, 4-7pm
Free Acupuncture!

Our Edina clinic opened in late January of 2020, little did we know that the world was about to make a huge shift.  Things shut down, we all had to take shelter, and we weren’t able to properly introduce ourselves to our new community.  So, we are calling a ‘re-do’ and throwing an open house.  Come meet the newest wellness team to the neighborhood, tour the space, enjoy some free stress relief ear acupuncture treatments, and partake in some healthy (and not so healthy) refreshments.   We can’t wait to show you around, share our space and learn more about how we can help to serve all of you!  And, give you some free acupuncture for stress.  It’s been a tough few years, let us help. 


And What?  Did you say $30 off an Initial Facial Rejuvination Treatment in our Edina location?

Yes We Did!

You deserve to look and feel great.  Remember in January, when I (Julie) posted all about my experience with facial rejuvination acupuncture?  Well, I recently went in for a facial with the esthetician I have been seeing for years, but hadn’t seen since 2020 (thanks pandemic!).  She took a long look at my skin and said ‘what have you been doing, your skin looks amazing’.  I trust this woman (she is amazing), and she told me she noticed that the dark circles and age spots I have struggled with for years, and my skin tone and elasticity had all improved significantly!

We want everyone to be able to try this for themselves!   Now, through July 1st, take $30 off your Initial Facial Rejuvination Acupuncture treatment at our Edina location. 

Experience a more natural ways to slow down the signs of aging today.  Get your glow back for spring, you deserve it!
*mention this post to receive your discount.  Good only at the Edina location, through July 1st, 2022