Cleansing the Liver Through “Gall Bladder 34”

Liver is the system that’s responsible for smooth flow throughout the body. As such, it’s the system most directly affected by things that cause us to tense up—stress, change in environment and less than ideal lifestyle choices. When things aren’t flowing smoothly, we start to experience what acupuncturists think of as stagnation-type symptoms. This commonly happens in the spring as we make the adjustment from the slow hibernation of winter into the newness of spring.

A point I love for such liver conditions is gall bladder 34. GB34 is located on the lateral aspect of the leg in the space made below the head of the fibula. The point is often tender to the touch which makes it easier to locate. It’s one of my very favorite points to needle and have needled.

In addition to alleviating liver qi stagnation, this acupuncture point, because of it’s location, is especially common in treating stiff muscles and joints in the lower body. It also works for addressing stiff neck and shoulders as well as joint issues in the arms and hands because it is a special point for any soft tissue, joint or muscle issues.

We have written about points in previous newsletters, but never this point.  Which honestly surprises me considering how often it is used.  Remember this point as we enter into spring. If you find yourself irritable and out of sorts you can press on this point for relief. It is like spring cleaning for your liver.