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Our Lunchtime Educational series continues this Thursday.

What is a normal period?  Should you have PMS?  How many days is normal to bleed?  When do you ovulate?  How can you treat your PMS at home?

  • Our next talk, Understanding your Period will be May 6th at 12:00: The talk will last about 20-30 minutes with lots of time for questions and discussion.  Most women are taught so little about their cycles and just put it all under the umbrella of ‘hormones’.  We want to empower you to understand it and learn how to work with your cycle.  Chinese Medicine has a lot to say about your period, come to our talk and learn more.
  • The talk is free to everyone, tell your bestie, your mom, your daughter, your aunt, and anyone else you may know who would benefit.  Just go online and  Register Here
  • Have a burning desire to learn more about something your acupuncturist talked about during your visit?  Reach out, let us know, and we can make sure to include the topic in our series!

More of our great content coming to you!

After several requests we are now sending out the newsletter monthly. Same great information on acupuncture, recipes, and the goings on at the clinic, but now on a monthly basis. And don’t forget that you can find all of our content archived on the website.  Needing a great recipe?  Want to learn more about acupuncture?  Look under our ‘Wellness Classes and Blog’ tab on our website for anything you may have missed.

Meet the Team!

Did you know that two of our great Acupuncture providers are sisters?


Fun Facts:

  • Ashley and Katie Steffensen are sisters with a 50.35% DNA match!
  • They had a wood stove growing up and we had to chop wood in the winter to heat the house.
  • They grew up with chickens, ducks, geese, horses, dogs, cats, and even a ferret.
  • They both competed on the high school swim team where Ashley went to State all 4 years!

You can learn more about Ashley and Katie in the Practitioner section of our webpage.

Would you, could you, share your experience? 

We love getting reviews, it helps us to know how we are doing and helps spread the word about the amazing benefits of Chinese medicine.  If you have a couple of minutes to spare, we would LOVE a google review.  Just click below for either the St. Paul or the Edina clinic.

Link to St. Paul review

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Thank you for helping us spread the word about the work we are doing here at Selby Acupuncture, and for choosing us to support your health and wellness.   Have a great May everyone!