Clinic News for February, Get to Know Julie!

Get to know Julie

Headshot of Julie McCormick, owner/practitioner of Selby Accupuncture

Why did you open Selby Acupuncture?   I never wanted to open a business, but I always knew that I wanted to practice Chinese medicine fully, with the ability to use everything I had learned; acupuncture, herbs, dietary therapy, cupping.  Back in 2007 there were no places to work, I couldn’t find a job anywhere.  So, the answer became clear, I had to try to do this myself.  I feel blessed that over the years patients have given us their trust, and referred family and friends.  Thanks to our community we were able to grow and become the clinic we are today.

How did you choose acupuncture as a career?    Well, initially I was in a very different field.  And, while I enjoyed the work, I wasn’t terribly excited about it, so I definitely was opened up to ideas.  After my second child was born, I developed pretty severe post-partum depression that was unresponsive to medication.  I tried everything I could think of to try and feel better (medications, started doing a lot of exercise, was drinking a lot of coffee to stay awake, etc.) but nothing was helping.  The doula who helped with the second birth suggested that I try Chinese medicine (thank you to Meegan, where ever you are!).   With a few lifestyle suggestions (like lay off the coffee) and some herbal medicine I started to feel like myself again after a few weeks.  It was pretty profound.  After that experience, I started to try acupuncture for other things.  Within the next year my baby son had a health scare.  As you can guess, we were beside ourselves, fearing the worst.  In between going to specialists doctors, I also brought him in to the acupuncturist.  We learned some tui na (massage for kids), and I also gave him some herbal medicine, and the result was fairly miraculous.  That is when I wanted to learn more about this medicine.  The more I learned the more I knew that everyone needed to have Chinese medicine as an option.   So, I went back to school for the four year program, and that has led me to an amazing, fulfilling career.  I love my work, I love the people I have met because of Chinese medicine, and I love coming to work every day.

What is the best part of your job? There are two things I love, helping people and learning.  This work allows me to do both!   I am a nerd who can talk all day and night about Chinese medicine.  I take extra courses for fun, and LOVE to study and learn more.  Being able to take that knowledge and quickly apply and help others with it is amazing.  I feel honored by the trust that everyone has given to Selby Acupuncture over the years, both patients and the team I work with every day.  Really I feel like the luckiest. 

Outside of work, what brings you joy?  Three main things, learning something new, being in the woods, and being with family.  I regularly take weekend courses on interesting topics in Chinese medicine. I especially love learning more about herbal medicine!  And this translates to being in nature, being in the woods is so renewing for me (and it helps that I have a nature loving family).  And my kids, and family.  Spending time with people I love fills me up!

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash