DIY TLC for Your Hair

Is your hair lackluster? Do you have an itchy and irritated scalp? Address your hair issues with a little DIY TLC! Rinses made with baking soda and apple cider vinegar are gentle and will help retain natural oils that traditional shampoos and conditioners strip away. Besides being kind to your hair and scalp, this stripped-down method is also kind to your wallet. Many of us at Selby Acupuncture use these rinses for hair after our lovely Lindsay spread the word of its benefits!


In one container — I use an old shampoo bottle — mix baking soda and water in a 1:4 ratio. I personally mix enough for a few applications in one bottle, using 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of water. You can adjust this ratio depending on the length, cleanliness, or greasiness of your hair.

In another container, mix apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:4 ratio. I also make a larger batch, using 1/2 cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water. You can also add some essential oils to this solution to minimize the vinegar smell. I like to add peppermint.

First apply the baking soda wash: Pour it into your hands. Work it into the roots and pull your fingers through your wet hair to clean away the dirt and help spread the natural oil. Leave on for 1-3 minutes, then rinse.

Next apply the vinegar solution. Make sure to keep your eyes closed and tilt your head back — you want it on your scalp and in your hair, not in your eyes! Rinse with cold water after only a few seconds of applying the solution.

For additional moisture, Lindsay advises a rosemary tea rinse. In a mesh tea ball, place 1 tsp of fresh rosemary. Steep in hot water overnight or until cool. Apply to hair and do not rinse it out. Blondes may want to use chamomile since rosemary can slightly darken hair.


[written by Kennedy]