Fall Changes at Selby Acupuncture

Farewell to our Edina Clinic Space

It is with some sadness that we are announcing the closure of the Edina clinic location beginning October 12th.   We are grateful to have been able to serve you in Edina for the last 2.5 years and are hopeful that you will continue to receive acupuncture and herbal medicine in our St. Paul location.  It is no secret that the last few years have been challenging, and life has brought with it many things that none of us could have predicted.   Thank you for your trust and support as we work through this transition.

St. Paul clinician hours update:

We will be increasing and adjusting hours for our clinicians as we transition from Edina to St. Paul.  Look below for information on when your provider is available.

  • Katie:  Katie will be seeing patients Monday days, Tuesday evenings, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday days.
  • Julie:  Julie will be seeing patients Monday evenings, and Wednesday and Thursday days
  • Kathy:  Kathy will be seeing patients Tuesday days, Thursday evenings, and Friday and Saturday days
  • Lauren:  Lauren will be seeing patients Sunday, Monday and Tuesday days, and Wednesday evenings.
  • Molly:  Molly will be seeing patients Tuesday day, Wednesday evenings, Thursday, Friday and Saturday days.
  • Jessica: Jessica’s schedule remains the same. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings, and Sunday days.
  • Lori:  Lori will be seeing clients for massage on Monday and Wednesday days, and Thursday evenings
  • Paige:  Paige will be seeing clients for massage Tuesday and Wednesday evenings


Massage scheduling changes:

Starting October 15th clients will be scheduling and paying directly with their massage therapist. There will be a link on the Selby Acupuncture website directing you to the new scheduler, and until that time you can continue to schedule as usual.

They are grateful to be able to provide relief and support to you, and appreciate the support as they make this transition.   Reach out with any questions and we will be happy to help!

Thank You.
Fall is the season of releasing, the turning of energy inward to be stored during the winter months so that we can approach the new growth of spring with energy and vitality.  We wish the best to you in this season of change, appreciate your support during these shifts, and are here to support you during your life transitions.

Photo by Felice Wölke on Unsplash