More Feng Shui: How to Use a Bagua

When people want to check the energy flow of a space using feng shui, they use something called a bagua. The word translates as Eight Areas, and these refer to specific aspects of a well-rounded and prosperous life.


The Eight Areas are

  1. Wealth, prosperity, and self-worth
  2. Fame, reputation, and social life
  3. Marriage, relationships, and partnerships
  4. Health, family, and community
  5. Children, creativity, and entertainment
  6. Helpful people, spiritual life, and travel
  7. Career, life mission, and individuality
  8. Wisdom and self-knowledge

And all of these are centered around Good Fortune, which pertains to the Earth element.

There are two baguas, Classical and Western. Choose one and be consistent in using it so that Qi can flow properly throughout your living space. Most people find the Western bagua to be a little simpler to apply, as the Classical bagua requires a compass.

Watch these videos for help in choosing your baguas. Good luck!

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[written by Kennedy]