Frozen Shoulder

In the last month we have seen a number of people complaining of chronic pain and limited range of motion in their shoulders.  This condition is often referred to as frozen shoulder.  The exact etiology is unclear, however risk factors can include; people over the age of 40, history of prolonged immobility or those who suffer with systemic diseases including thyroid conditions, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Acupuncture is a very effective therapy for this condition. Ancient Chinese medical texts mention this condition as early as 3, 000 years ago.  Back then it was referred to as fifties shoulder.  In most cases we see improvement after 2 – 4 treatments.  Acupuncture points on the affected shoulder help treat the joint inflammation and distal points needled bilaterally on the arms and legs help relieve pain and promote healing. The treatment is relatively painless and relaxing.   And the results are amazing.   Below is a testimonial we received from a new patient who found great relief in acupuncture.

For years I have been struggling with my shoulder.  I originally was told by my Physician that I stretched a muscle in my rotator cuff.  Physical therapy, rest and patience did not improve this condition.  For a while it was just pain but slowly I began to notice a decline in range of motion, flexibility and strength.  I enjoy yoga and aerobics, but with this injury I  was always having to modify my workout to compensate for my shoulder.  Recently I heard about a condition called frozen shoulder.  The more I read about it, the more I am certain this is my problem.  Acupuncture was listed on many websites as an alternative therapy, so I called Selby Acupuncture to make an appointment.  At this point the fear of forever with a bum shoulder was worse than my fear of needles.

I am so pleased with my acupuncture visit.  It has been a week and I am virtually pain free!  I am also beginning to notice more range of motion.  I do not want to push my luck so I am trying to take it slowly, however when I met with Sara she did tell me it was important to continue to move it as much as I can.  Along with the treatment she gave me exercises to do as well as ideas on how to accelerate the healing process. I am beyond pleased and very hopeful that with further treatments my frozen shoulder will be a thing of the past. Finally!