Give Your Qi a Well-Deserved Spring Break

Spring Break is weeks away! Woo Hoo! I would like to encourage you to really celebrate spring break this year. Celebrate in a way that doesn’t necessarily have to involve a warm exotic location, although a beach sounds fantastic and I would definitely not turn one away if given the option. I am proposing a week full of Qi building activities. One per day. Nothing too strenuous, just simple ways to honor and celebrate your vital energy and make the most of this year’s break. Enjoy!

Monday: Today we honor your liver Qi. The liver is known as both the wood organ and wind organ. The nature of liver Qi is be free flowing and upward moving. Liver Qi is very active and strong. So today be active and strong. Pick an activity to get your blood moving. More vigorous activities are encouraged but even a walk outside would do. This may serve as a great motivator which is why I have made it the first activity of the week.

Tuesday: Today we honor your heart Qi. The heart is the emperor of the human body. The heart houses the spirit which is known as the ‘shen’. The heart has to be open and available to house the shen. So today we are going to work on having an open heart. Today be extra grateful, appreciative and open to the world. I would encourage you to take it a step further and create a gratitude list or journal.

Wednesday: To celebrate the middle of the week are going to celebrate our middle Qi, better known as our spleen Qi. The spleen is an earth element. The spleen Qi being our grounding force, our center, our home. So today we honor our need to feel grounded, stable and in control of our surroundings. Today pick something in your home to clean out or organize. It could be a file cabinet or pantry. Pick something you are sure to complete, an achievable goal. Just for kicks I have included of photo of my project for the week- A pile of children’s art projects.

Thursday: Today we want to support our lung Qi. Our lung Qi has many important roles, one of which is protecting our bodies from the outside world. It supports the outside surfaces of our body, which in turn aids in the health of our internal systems. So today treat your skin to some TLC. You can try exfoliation or massage. Even an extra moisturizer would do, whatever you can fit into your day will work just fine.

Friday: On our last day of spring break we honor our kidneys. Kidney Qi is our life force and can easily be squandered by our over-stressed, over-worked lives. Kidney Qi is represented by the water element, which is cold, still and nourishing. Today I encourage you to take some time to celebrate in stillness. Take and nap or take time for meditation. This is not the day for rushing around, this is the day to move at a relaxed pace and enjoy it.

Okay, this may not be as exciting as a trip to Jamaica, but it will feel good and it is good for you. I wish you all a great spring break!

– Sara Gillet