Goji Berries: Delicious and Full of Healthful Benefits

Goji berries heart photoWe are now offering goji berries in the clinic.  Goji berries are also commonly known as wolf berries.  They have been getting a lot of press lately as a superfood that is a very high antioxidant.  I have seen it produced in many forms including juice, powder and goji extract. Though this is the first time we are offering them here at Selby acupuncture as a stand alone product, we have been using them for years in our herbal pharmacy.   In Chinese medicine the goji berry is a very strong tonic. When in school our professors lightheartedly described goji berries as the fountian of youth.  Goji berries are said to be great for you skin, and can help keep your eyes and brain young. They are rich in vitamin A which may account for why they are known for their anti-aging benefits.

Clinically we use them for many issues, not just as an anti- aging supplement.  Goji berries is a strong yin and blood tonic, I recommend all women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant to add goji berries as a daily supplement.  Theses berries can help regulate the menstrual cycle and help to build a solid foundation to achieve and sustain a pregnancy. Goji berries can improve overall health for anyone, not just women of child- bearing age.  They can be beneficial for people experiencing general fatigue, lethargy, or those with a weakend immune system. Goji berries can also help people suffering with more emotional issues such as anxiety and depression.  The berries help to achieve a relaxed state of mind.  They are calming and help bolster good sleep habits without being sedative.

We are so happy to be able to offer goji berries.  They are delicious and therapeutically effective.  We use them daily as a supplement and they are safe for long term use.  Stop in today and check out our heaven mountain goji berries the package reads, an ounce a day keeps you smiling away.  We would have to agree.