Got pain? Combat It with This One Core Stability Exercise

I see so many people who struggle with back, neck, and shoulder pain.

While acupuncture is excellent at managing pain, I always find that at some point in their course of treatment, I am advising patients to incorporate a core stability exercise into their daily routine. So much of pain can be stemming from weakness and improper firing of structures.

I find the safest place to start is often with the plank. The plank teaches one to find a neutral and stable spine, creating a connection between our upper and lower bodies, and this is an essential base in building any exercise regimen.

Here is a breakdown of the plank that I often give my patients. It’s by my favorite Aussie coach, Andrew Read. I peruse this site often and think highly of it, so check it out!

Everything Is a Plank (If You’re Doing It Right, That Is)

[written by Kennedy]