Home Tips for Seasonal Allergies

The ground can be seen and only rarely interrupted by the exceedingly rare patches of snow and the birds are returning. I think it’s safe enough to say: spring is happening! And with spring comes molds, pollens, and allergens. Many of us find ourselves in itchy situations. 

Chinese medicine theory teaches us that Wind, as an elemental factor, carries dis-ease. It makes some level of poetic sense with how windy spring season can literally be. The air around us is carrying more substances this time of year that may enter into us and cause injury. 

We’d recommend several steps to help ease the spring time allergies. 

  1. Keep covered up (especially the nape of the neck and head) when going outside or opening the windows up to let the breeze in. Keep that scarf handy.
  2. Eat for the season. Start to reduce the amount of rich nutritive substances you’ve been leaning towards consuming during this winter season. Start to increase what you see popping up in the ground first thing in the spring. Mint, cilantro, delicate greens like arugula, asparagus, apricots, fiddleheads, strawberries, and dandelion are all strong examples. These ‘spring’ food items help the body unload from winter and start fresh again for the new year. 
  3. Get acupuncture. Research has shown that acupuncture can help moderate inflammatory responses in the body. Current research is showing acupuncture done  2 times / week for approx. 8 sessions best reduces allergy symptoms in sufferers. 
  4. Get herbal. Chinese herbal formulas help modulate the release of histamines by mast cells. Incorporating the appropriate herbal formula for the individual can work as well as common antihistamines without the unpleasant side effects. Chinese herbal medicine is nearly always well tolerated by children, adults, and elders. 

With these four tools at your side you can be sure that the most difficult thing to deal with in the Wind this spring is the lutefisk and the thawing remains left behind by our four legged friends! May the nape of your neck never suffer with the inclusion of TCM.


Written by Ashley