Individualize Acupuncture Before and After a Frozen Embryo Transfer results in a 55% increase in Live Birth Rates.

Exciting new research results!

While acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment for fertility procedures such as IUI, IVF or embryo transfers has been well researched in the past, we are excited to share a new recent abstract published in the October 2022 edition of Fertility and Sterility that has us all very excited!  The authors looked at patients undergoing frozen embryo transfer who added in acupuncture before and after the procedure against those who did not include acupuncture.   Results showed a 55% increase in live births compared to the no acupuncture group, and a 42% reduction in biochemical pregnancies compared to FET alone.   Wow.

Previous studies have been done in this area and were positive, but most were focused on using a set protocol, a predetermined set of acupuncture points used for every patient.  This study was different in that it allowed the acupuncturists to determine an individualized treatment.  East Asian medicine’s strength has always been in creating unique treatment plans based on the individual.   Allowing the acupuncturist to determine a diagnosis based on the parameters of East Asian medicine only makes sense when utilizing one of the biggest tools of that medicine, acupuncture.

Can it help me?

Whether you are already taking injectable medication in preparation for your embryo transfer, or you have some time to prepare for upcoming cycles, we can help.  Acupuncture helps to optimize your response to the medications while also reducing unwanted side effects. It reduces the stress and anxiety that can be inherent in any fertility journey.  And, on the day of your Frozen Embryo transfer, acupuncture can bring down the stress response while also encouraging blood flow to the uterus, and most importantly, help improve your chances for success.   If you are going through an IVF or preparing for a frozen embryo transfer you may want to consider adding in acupuncture.

This new research shows what we see in our clinical experience every day, when we are able to focus on you as an individual, we get better results.  The fertility journey can be challenging, and we are grateful to be able to help you reach your family building goals.


Julie McCormick, L.Ac., (FABORM)


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