Learn more about the point Guanyuan, or REN 4

Guanyuan, REN 4

The holidays are upon us once again, could you use some extra care and support right about now?
Our focus this month is on the acupuncture point REN-4.   It is a powerful point for nourishing our bodies and providing that needed boost of energy!

REN-4 strengthens our original Qi, a vital source of energy in our body. It is not only important in improving vitality in healthy people, but also in treating chronic illness and supporting people with weaker constitutions.

The Chinese name for this point is guanyuan, and is translated as “gate of origin”. It’s an important point for strengthening the Chinese medicine organs like the Kidney, Spleen, Liver, and Small Intestine. The Ren vessel is also called the Conception Vessel, which runs through the center of the body and is considered the ‘Sea of Yin’.

Where is it?

Ren-4 is located the width of 4 fingers below your navel, anatomically on the anterior median line of the lower abdomen approximately 4 inches distal to the umbilicus.

What does it do?

Ren-4 is an important point in women’s health.  Useful in in treating menstrual problems, like very heavy or painful periods, or no period at all, this is a point we use daily in the clinic.  Because we say it can warm the uterus, Ren-4 promotes a healthy environment for conception.  Definitely an important in treating infertility.

Because this point supports so many organs, it can treat many conditions. In addition to women’s health, we use Ren-4 to things like asthma and chronic coughing, tinnitus, dizziness, pain and weakness in the limbs and back, especially among the elderly. It also helps with issues around urination and digestive problems, like diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Finally, it strongly calms the mind, especially if fear or worry are prevalent. Because it nourishes Qi, Blood, and both the Yin and Yang aspects of your body, Ren-4 is a beneficial point in supporting your all of your well-being.


Kathy Schoenberger, L.Ac.