Love Yourself and Cupping This February

Love Cupping?  We do too.

For the month of February we are debuting heart shaped cups into our practice.
Heart shaped cups on back
We hope you are excited as we are to start using these cups!  Cupping often leaves a light pink or red circle mark.  It is painless (really!) and shows that the treatment is working. With heart shaped cups it’s going to look, you guessed it, like a heart. How cute is that?

While these heart shaped cups are similar to our regular circle shaped cups, we hope those little hearts remind you to love yourself a bit more and take care of yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Want to nerd out and know more?  Read on and let’s break down the history of cupping and its different shapes or materials through the years.

Cupping therapy is an ancient healing practice dates back thousands of years. It transcends time and cultural boundaries – being used in Asia, the Middle East, and European countries.  Cupping involves creating a vacuum within cups placed on the skin to stimulate blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and promote overall well-being.

In our clinic we practice fire cupping. This technique calls for a small handheld flame (so cool…) to be quickly inserted into the glass cup, creating a vacuum, which we then quickly place on the skin.  And there are a few types of cupping, here at Selby we often will do sliding cupping (like a massage, moving them around), stationary cupping (putting it on and leaving it there) or flash cupping (pop!) depending on the condition.

We can’t wait to show you some ‘love’ this month with our new heart shaped cups.

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See you in February!