Managing Springtime Allergies, Arthritis Pain & Energetic Imbalances

We have changed our clocks, and it is official, spring is on its way.

As the little snow we have melts and the temperature rises we are reminded that allergy season is just around the corner. Common allergens are molds and pollen which are abundant in our damp spring weather.  These allergens can be successfully treated with Chinese Medicine.  For best results, acupuncture for allergies should start 4-6 weeks before your particular allergen emerges.  If your allergen surprises you without warning you can still find relief with acupuncture.  In some instances combining acupuncture with Chinese herbs can also help abate the itchy eyes and runny nose.  Formulas like Pe Min Gan Wan, Yu Peng Feng Wan and  can regulate the immune system, benefit the eyes, and open sinuses.

If you are feeling the change of seasons in your bones, consider acupuncture to help ease your body into spring. For some, the damp, cool weather of spring increases the pain and swelling of arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of the joints that is characterized by pain, swelling, heat, redness and limitation of movement.  In Chinese medicine arthritis can flare when the body is exposed to damp, cold or windy weather conditions. These weather conditions can cause an obstruction in the natural flow of both Chi and blood in the body. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs come together to remove the obstruction, reduce pain and improve mobility.

Lastly, as we transition from winter to spring, your body becomes preoccupied with responding to rapid and often dramatic changes in light and temperature, creating the right climate for energetic imbalances to occur. This imbalance can leave its mark on your mood. If you want to be overjoyed about spring but you are finding yourself at the opposite end of the spectrum give us call.  There is hope!