Meet Rachel, Our Cupping Therapist!

Holistic Health Services - Cupping Therapy

Many of you have had the pleasure of receiving a treatment from Rachel Johnson, our cupping therapist who joined our team earlier this year. For those of you who have not, we thought it would be fun learn more about her and her passions and loves. (Spoiler alert: She has a passion for TCM, and she loves hula hooping!)

Q: What drew you to acupuncture/TCM?

I usually think of myself as more of a right-brained person (intuitive, creative, and artistic), but my left-brained side (analytical and methodical) lead me to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I find that the two sides balance one another quite nicely. TCM is a beautiful healing art that I wanted to share with the world!

Q: What is it about cupping that made you want to focus on this particular form of therapy?

Cupping was the first accessory technique I learned while in school, and after my first treatment I was hooked. The immediate relief and feeling of relaxation that washes over the body after cupping therapy was what kept me coming back and what made me want to focus on this particular modality in clinic. I also learned while in school that it could help with things such as headaches/migraines, the immune system, respiratory disorders, and insomnia. Knowing that I have the tools to treat specific conditions without using needles is also a major plus.

Q: Any conditions you especially enjoy treating?

I enjoy treating conditions that are stress or pain related since those tend to be issues affecting most people’s daily lives. These treatments also seem to provide more immediate results.

Q: What do you enjoy about working at Selby Acupuncture?

I enjoy working at Selby Acupuncture because of the warm and inviting environment and the incredible patients. Plus, the all-women team is awesome!

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of clinic?

In my free time I enjoy making smoothie bowls and baking vegan goodies, dancing, hula hooping, and being outside whenever possible.

Call us at 651-224-6678 or book online to schedule a cupping appointment with Rachel! Treatments are 45 or 60 minutes and can be purchased individually or as a package. Her clinic hours are Tuesdays 1pm – 7:30pm, Thursdays 2:30 – 7:30pm, Fridays 8am – 3pm, Saturdays 9am – 2:30pm


We also want to pass along a gentle reminder to book ahead if possible! We find that clinic picks up during the springtime so if you think you may need a series of treatments, we suggest scheduling a few at a time. Feel free to call the front desk at 651-224-6678 or book online to reserve your acupuncture, massage ,or cupping appointment today.

All of us at Selby Acupuncture wish you a healthy and vibrant spring!