New Raw Herb Formulas Available

Are you familiar with our delicious herbal soup mix? Then you know how great it works for boosting your body’s energy and immunity throughout the colder months. If you haven’t yet tried it, I encourage you to check it out. I’m always happy to give additional tips for cooking it (a decade of running a kitchen will do that).

Many of you may have recently noticed more bags in our waiting room, and they look similar to our herbal soup mix. We have been working to create a line of herbal formulas to have in stock. Raw herbs are one of the many forms we have here at the clinic; Charles wrote about them in The Power of Herbal Medicine for our last newsletter. Raw herbs, in particular, are powerful, with immense benefits, and we wanted to craft some formulas that are easy to prepare, delicious, accessible, and allow you to experience the power of raw Chinese herbs.


Without further ado, let’s introduce the newest tools in our Selby Acupuncture herbal toolbox!

Nourish and Build: A twist on a classical formula. Commonly prescribed for insomnia and anxiety, this delicious formula is a great wind down at the end of a stressful day.

Harmonize: One of our favorites and one of the most famous and versatile in Chinese medicine, this is a go-to for when you start to feel like you’re coming down with something. A delicious cinnamon tea that fights of the germs of cold and flu season.

Free and Easy: Another Chinese medicine go-to with a great minty flavor. It helps move that Liver Qi that so often stagnates, and helps fight off stress and improve mood.

Wind Relief: Another formula taken out of the pages of the Chinese medicine classics, this oft-modified formula is so useful for a host of different conditions. We’ve modified it to combat sinusitis and seasonal allergies. Take that, post nasal drip!

One of the features of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it has classic formulas that can be customized for you and only you. If we think you might benefit from one of these formulas, we may suggest one to you, with or without modifications. Alternately, let us know if you are curious to try out raw herbs, and we can make one for you.

[written by Molly]