November News – The Pajama Program is Back!

Meet the Team

Meet Tatziana McKnight (Tatz) of the Selby Acupuncture Team.

  • SA: What do you like most about Selby Acupuncture?
    • Tatz: I enjoy working with a team that is fully committed to helping patients feel their absolute best. From the front desk team to the acupuncturists to Lindsay and Bruce, we all work closely to provide a nurturing environment for healing.
    • I’ve been getting acupuncture since I was thirteen for various reasons, so transitioning into this job felt natural for me.
  • SA: What do you like most about being a PCC?
    • Tatz: I used to work as a receptionist at a hair salon for years and I really enjoyed the calmness that came with being a patient care coordinator. I still get to chat with everyone but I enjoy that it’s less about gossip and more about wellbeing.
  • SA: When you’re not working what brings you joy?
    • Tatz: When I’m not working, I spend a lot of my time sewing and making clothes. Thrifting also fuels that hobby. For the most part, I hangout with my four roommates constantly. I find immense joy when I have time before work to grab coffee or I find a parking spot outside my building that doesn’t require parallel parking.
  • SA: If you could do anything you wanted tomorrow without limitations, what would that be?
    • Tatz: Ha! I don’t know. I’m planning on moving to Europe next year, but I wouldn’t mind packing up and leaving tomorrow if it meant I didn’t have to go through the current lengthy processes. Money aside, I’d love to just travel wherever I could for as long as I could, Minnesota is just so dull to me.


Pajama Program is back!

We are happy to announce that we will be bringing back the annual Pajama Program! We took a break last year but in conjunction with Pajama Program starting November 8th we will be collecting new children’s pajamas and storybooks for youth living in shelters, group homes, and temporary housing. Because of our generous donors, numerous Twin Cities children will stay warm and be able to enjoy a bedtime story during these chilly nights. A huge THANK YOU to anyone who is willing and able to drop off items in one of our clinics!

Not have a chance to donate? Visit them at to donate money or learn about starting your own pajama/book drive. It couldn’t be easier!


What Wind Chill?

On a lighter note, we found a fun video to share. Many of you have heard us say over winter to “Cover your neck!” Wearing a scarf during these cold and windy days goes far in defending your body against seasonal illness.

Not sure how to wear a scarf? Never fear! Here are 25 easy ways to stay warm (and fashionable) all winter long!