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The Gut/Mood Connection: Depression and Probiotics

Depression is one of the top causes of disability worldwide, and it’s incredibly common in the U.S., with millions of people reporting symptoms in any given year. While there are many medications available to treat depression, they aren’t without problems. People taking drugs in the commonly-prescribed category called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) frequently report side effects, and one Read More

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The Safety of Acupuncture in Pregnancy

While the efficacy of acupuncture in improving fertility has gained a lot of attention in recent years, many people still ask if it is safe during pregnancy. The answer is a resounding yes! We work with so many women to help them conceive, and naturally we continue to work with them once they’re pregnant. Read More

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Brownies Redux, plus Best Wishes

Julie Johnson has given us recipes for our blog for more than two years, but now her practice as a coach has grown and taken new directions. Sadly, she won’t be contributing recipes any longer. We want to say thank you to her for all the wonderful recipes she has supplied to us, and best wishes in her work! Read More

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