Point of the Season

Lung 7,  列缺, (Lieque)

Since we are in the season of fall, and the fall season is associated with the lungs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we thought you may like to learn a little more about one of the more important points on the lung meridian.

Lung 7  is located above the wrist on the inside of the arm.  Find it by interlocking your thumb and index finger of one hand with the other.   The point is located at the end of the index finger in a depression.

This is a great and powerful point, used to strengthen the lung, stop coughing, and treat the first signs of a cold. It strengthens your bodies ‘defensive’ qi, which could loosely be related to your immune system.  In addition, Lung 7 is the ‘command point’ for the head and neck, able to treat conditions related to the head and neck such as headache, stiff neck, facial paralysis, or toothache.

We use this point all the time.  The next time you feel a cough, go ahead and practice a little ‘acupressure’ on yourself!