Seasonal Successes

Someone came to see me in late January when he was beginning to feel the effects of the winter blues, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  In years past he has suffered from SAD and he was determined to find some relief without prescription medication.  He had tried acupuncture in the past for an unrelated issue was pleased with his results. After finding some information online about acupuncture and SAD he contacted our clinic. At his first visit we talked about his condition as well as his overall health.  He considered himself a pretty healthy person. He was relatively active; he ate well and did not have trouble sleeping.  His energy was low, he often felt fatigued.  He related that to his SAD and perhaps his busy schedule.  He was juggling two demanding jobs as well as trying to sell his house. A few weekly treatments later he noticed considerable improvement in his depression and fatigue.   Along with acupuncture treatments we talked about ways he can help improve his condition.  He continued to improve and I saw him less frequently.  He was doing very well, until mid-march when he confessed his spring allergies were really bothering him.  He was suffering from sinus congestion, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat.  With some minor adjustments to his acupuncture treatment and the addition of a Chinese Herbal formula called Pe Min Gan Wan he noticed immediate relief.   He currently is not bothered by the abundant pollen and has been able to stave off  his over the counter anti-histamines.  All in all he feels great, and as for his depression, it is quite out of season.