Sore Throat? Try a tasty herbal tea

I want to plug a relatively new product in our herbal pharmacy.   This past week I came down with a sore throat.   My children have been battling this summer virus in the week prior so I was not surprised to wake up with a dry burning sensation in my throat.  I had brought home some of our new powder Throat Support formula a week prior so I grabbed the packet and made some tea.  I knew it was a great formula but I was surprised at how well it worked. It has herbs such as tangerine peel, apricot seed, mint and licorice that really soothe and coat the throat.  I felt relief almost immediately.  It has a pleasant taste and is not difficult to drink.  I have since used it with my young children and it was well received.   Keep this formula in mind the next time your throat is irritated or uncomfortable.  I would recommend keeping some in your medicine cabinet so your have it when you need it.