What is that point? Learn about Leique, Lung 7

The leaves are changing and it’s now officially cold and flu season. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, the treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions related to colds and flus dates as far back as the Zhou dynasty, where Bian Que (407 – 310 BCE) is credited as the first acupuncture physician to specialize in otolaryngology. According to TCM, the most common cause of colds and flus is the “contraction of evil qi through pathogenic wind invasion” which loosely equates to viral, bacterial or fungal infection. So yes, there are points for that. And today we are getting to know the acupuncture point called Lung 7.

This point is also known as lieque or Broken Sequence. This point is typically in an acupuncturist’s top 40 points they use each day. Chances are that you’ve had this point during your treatment, even if you weren’t coming in for cold or flu as it has many uses aside from that.

Where is it:

Lung 7 is located on the radial aspect (thumb side) of the wrist. It is about 1.5 inches above the wrist crease. For anatomy lovers, it is located proximal to the styloid process on the radius and in between the cleft of the two tendons.

What does it do:

Lung 7 opens the chest. This point is sometimes used with patients who are grieving and feeling a heavy chest sensation associated with that process.

This point also treats issues in the head and neck. This is especially so when a patient is having a stiff neck during a cold. It can also be used for those with a generally tight or painful neck.

Lung 7 is also used during the first signs of cold/flu. This point helps to clear “pathogenic wind” from the body.

This point is also helpful for gynecological issues as it opens what is called the conception vessel. This ensures proper qi flow through the uterus.

Next time you notice your acupuncturist needling your wrist after you’ve talked about your neck pain or how you’re getting over a cold, be sure to ask if it is Lung 7!


Katie Steffensen L.A.c.