What We Can All Learn from Ironman

If you were to ask me who my favorite Marvel superhero was one week ago, I would have said Thor (I am of Norwegian descent), but a close second definitely was Ironman. He is smart, witty and wealthy, with a sense of decency most of the time.

Well, after hearing this latest news, I have had to switch that order. Just last week, Robert Downey Jr was honored for his Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) advocacy with the Robert Graham Visionary Award. He has become an advocate for our medicine after, as he says, the profound impact TCM has had in all areas of his life for many years.

“I confess, that I am as close to being a Chinese-American as any Caucasian ever could be in his life. I awoke to my Qi Gong practice this morning, Guarding the Eight Treasures, I did some Mook Jong wooden dummy drills in preparation for my black belt grading at the LA Wing Chung Kung Fu Academy, and then I took my, get ready, my herbal formula, and then ate a seasonally appropriate meal. And all before 1:30pm.”

Robert Downey Jr. credits TCM to helping him learn to become a more tolerable father, son, husband and co-worker. It worked for him, and he has since become a strong voice for this tradition.

This example brings to light the beautiful simple complexity of Chinese medicine. TCM is not just one acupuncture treatment, it is a way to look at how we live our lives, bringing our health into balance through many methods including diet, lifestyle, acupuncture and herbal medicine. It is a process that we can apply to all aspects of our lives and we can begin right where we are.

Now let’s all go out there and be a strong voice for Chinese medicine, if it has changed your life, tell others. Be like Ironman!