Yu Ping Feng San: An Herbal Formula for Fall

Just like that, fall is in the air. The changing leaves, the good sleeping weather, pumpkin spiced everything. These are all signs that we’ve turned the seasonal corner. Fall can be a truly magical time of year, but since it’s also the start of cold and flu season, having a few herbal formulas in our back pocket to keep our immune systems in tip top shape can help us feel good all season long. Let’s talk about one of my favorites: Yu Ping Feng San.

Chinese herbal formulas have beautiful names that can either describe what it does, what’s in it, or perhaps some other historical tidbit. Yu Ping Feng San translates into ‘Jade Screen Powder’ or sometimes ‘Jade Wind Screen Powder’. It describes the way that the formula acts like a screen, keeping out the wind outside that brings in the things that cause us to cough, sniffle, or generally just not feel good.

Yu Ping Feng San is a simple and elegant formula, containing only three ingredients:
Huang Qi,
Bai Zhu,
and Fang Feng,
(or Astragalus, Atractylodis, and Saposhnikova as they’re called in English)

In Chinese medicine, we say these herbs strengthen Qi and firm up the exterior- so no colds, flus, or other bad guys can get in.

These herbs are also used in Western herbalism for similar purposes- as they’re well-researched and powerful immune tonics, known to stimulate the immune system, boost white blood cell production, reduce fevers, and have slight antiviral effects. In the clinic, I give these formulas to people who just want to stay healthy through the fall and winter, or if they’re still struggling to get over an illness, or if they’re traveling soon and are trying to keep the germs at bay. It’s an excellent formula to keep around the house.

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Molly Kubinski, L.Ac., (FABORM)


Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash