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Balancing Out the Damage from Sitting

We sit.

We sit at work. We sit at school. We sit during our commute. We sit while waiting for appointments. We sit at the end of the day, on the couch or in the easy chair, book in hand or screens on.

Research shows that all of this sitting is bad for our health. Long sessions of sitting are associated with heart damage, and they may even shorten our life span. In addition to these very serious side effects, sitting may also cause pain in our spine, neck, and shoulders. So, what can you do? Read More

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Acupuncture Points to Relieve Anxiety and Calm Your Spirit

Anxiety is extremely common. In the U.S. nearly 1 in 5 adults has an anxiety disorder, and 30% of American adults and children experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Unsurprisingly, these numbers have risen in recent years.

Anxiety can be a normal response in stressful situations, such as public speaking or taking a test. It’s common to occasionally feel:

  • a little fearful or apprehensive
  • physically tense
  • mildly sweaty
  • unsure of oneself

This kind of anxiety is hard-wired into our systems like an alarm, originally meant to help us survive a predator attack in prehistoric times. Today, this response helps us sharpen our focus and drive in giving that speech or taking that big exam. It is situational and temporary.

When these feelings intensify, persist and affect daily life, this is clinical anxiety. Symptoms may include: Read More

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Endometriosis, What You Need to Know

What is Endometriosis? 

Endometriosis is a condition where cells typically found inside the uterus attach themselves to the other parts of the body, such as the outside of the uterus, the ovaries, the colon and sometimes the myofascial tissue surrounding the uterus. This causes issues like period pain or trouble concieving.  These cells create menstrual fluid during the time of the cycle, yet there is nowhere for this fluid to go. This can lead to widespread inflammation and pelvic pain. 

What do common symptoms look like?  Read More

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Four Tips for Preserving Intimacy During Infertility Treatments 

Four Tips for Preserving Intimacy During Infertility Treatments  

Listen: you’re not reading this post because it’s a surprise that going through infertility kills your libido. You’re reading this because it’s come to the point where sex feels like a chore, and yet you want to light up that spark between yourself and your partner because it’s the love you both share that made you want to have a baby together in the first place. So, what do you do? How can you stay sexually connected to your partner when everything has become a sea of lab tests and ovulation kits rather than Barry White and satin sheets?

As we roll into Valentine’s Day, here’s four tips for keeping things spicy while you’re also navigating infertility. Not going through infertility? Lucky you. These four tips can still strengthen your emotional and sexual connection to your partner. Read More

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